Grandma Lucy's Success Stories

Grandma Lucy's Success Stories

As a family-owned, freeze-dried pet food and treat company, Grandma Lucy’s is founded on our passion for improving pets’ lives, one meal at a time. We believe that pets are family and have seen firsthand the positive impact that fresh, whole foods can bring.  At Grandma Lucy’s our ‘why’ is simple; to bring your pets the best, all-natural products so that you can enjoy as many healthy years together as you can. The greatest gift is love, and we show our furry family members how much we care for them by helping them live their healthiest lives. The life-changing stories that we receive from our customers are the reason we do what we do. Read below for some of the stories pet parents have shared with.

papillon dog

"I want to say thank you to Grandma Lucy’s for what the dog food has done for my tiny 13-year-old papillon dog, Tina.  I know the food has extended her life and I am so grateful that I found it! Before I started Tina on your freeze-dried dog food, she was nearly bald in some places, she was really grey, didn’t get around that well, didn’t play anymore and pretty much just slept all the time.  After about two months of her eating Grandma Lucy’s, she began to grow her fur back, move around a little more and started to sleep less.  Soon after that, she started playing with my other dogs again.  It has now been about six months and let me tell you, she is like a young dog again! She has a full tail of fur, looks less gray, [and] is happier. I have seen so many positive effects from it. I am so appreciative of the food and can't thank you enough for saving/extending Tina's life. Thank you!" -Erin Dunshee and Tina

bag of artisan chicken on counter next to bowl of food

Artisan Chicken:

“Just got a new puppy addition to our family; having looked at various foods, decided to try out your Artisan freeze-dried dog food chicken recipe. Perfect puppy food that will grow with her! Easily digestible and she loves it! Having tried other puppy foods and ‘fresh’ foods, yours wins hands down in easy preparation and quick rehydration. She smells it and her tails starts wagging! Thank you for providing the perfect food for a puppy's start in life!” – Renita Edwards

macanna salmon laying on counter with pumpkin, kale, berries, fruit, and coconut next to bag

Macanna Salmon:

“Our two Newfoundlands developed allergies to chicken and beef, as made known by the number of sudden, erupting hot spots. Switching to Macanna was a lifesaver. In two weeks, no more hotspots. No more yeasty ears. And, while not every dog will love every food, our Hannah’s teeth chatter with excitement every time the bag comes out. She never did that with any other food we've tried.” - Kim C. via Chewy

man sitting with two pitbulls

Photo Credit: @big_brucemajor

Organic Oven Baked Treats:

“When it comes to his protection training, Big Bruce's favorite treat is the [Organic Oven Baked] Pumpkin recipe. When he is aware, alert and attentive, he gets rewarded with praise and baked treats to help build his confidence. Sometimes, dad crunches one or two in the middle of protection training too!” - @big_brucemajor

rhodesian ridgeback sitting in mustard flowers

Photo Credit: @sundance_ridgebacks

Singles Treats:

“We use the freeze-dried [chicken] liver treats for rewards and training, and always have extra to share with pups we meet. Even pups that the human parents say are picky treat eaters always chow down on the Grandma Lucy’s treats and we love to share. Thank you for making a quality ingredient food that we feel 100% confident in feeding to our four-legged family members.” -Andrea @sundance_ridgebacks

pumpkin pouches next to each outside

Pumpkin Pouches:

"Excellent addition to my dog's dry food. I’ve been adding this [Pumpkin Pouch Digestive] to my puppy’s freeze dried food since she was 8 weeks old. It is filled with super foods that aren’t in dry food. I rehydrate with water and add to make a sauce. Consistent stools prove how great this item is for your dog/cat.