Introducing Grandma Lucy's Super Water!

Introducing Grandma Lucy's Super Water!

Introducing Grandma Lucy's brand new Super Water! Scientifically formulated from cirque and alpine glaciers located in national parks around the coldest regions of the United States. The water in each bottle of Super Water is derived entirely from the core of these frozen wonders; from the first drop to the last. 

Our engineers have designed our Super Water formula through techniques derived from the ancient civilizations that came before us. This water rehydrates all Grandma Lucy's recipes in ten seconds or less, plus has added vitamins and minerals to bring out every rich flavor, down to the molecular level. 

Get ready to watch your dog or cat go from an ordinary pet to a super genius in just a matter of seconds! Studies showed that eight out of ten pets who rehydrated their food with Super Water learned calculus and could repeat the entire sequence of Pi in under an hour. 

Grab your bottle of Super Water while you can, and unleash your pet's full potential. Hurry and grab your bottle now! This offering is only available with a sense of humor, and while water supplies last.

Happy April Fool's from the Grandma Lucy's team!