Hard at Work with "The Office" Litter

Hard at Work with "The Office" Litter

Grandma Lucy’s is passionate about giving back, and we truly understand the life-changing impact pets can have on our lives. Little Angels Service Dogs, a 501c3 non-profit, raises and trains service dogs to assist recipients with epilepsy, hearing impairment, diabetes, Autism, mobility issues, and those who need psychiatric support. These dogs go through rigorous training to prepare them to be ready for any situation, and they allow recipients to reclaim independence. Not only do Little Angels’ dogs change the lives of their recipients, but the impact of these dogs reaches even further.  Little Angels’ service pups in training change lives long before graduation day, too. Executive Director of Little Angels, Josh Drew, is working with Mountain View Correctional Facility where inmates are finding a new lease on life through training these dogs for their future. Through this program and others like it, inmates not only find a second chance, but an opportunity for a brighter, more fulfilling future. The hope is not only to prepare these dogs for their future superhero work as service dogs, but for inmates to learn professional skills working with animals, and to heal from their past along the way, too.

golden retriever puppy laying on floor chewing on trophy

“I recently got to go to Mountain View Correctional Facility and work with resident trainers [there]. It was my first time in the facility, and I was super excited to meet the trainers that are helping us out. Although secretly, there was another reason I was so excited! It was going to be my first time seeing several of our “Office” litter pups. Living, sleeping, and training inside of this facility are Angela, Michael, Jim, and Dwight. 

Now, being a huge “Office” fan myself, one of my favorite parts of all of this is the fact that [puppy] Michael is in prison, making his "Prison Mike" bit completely true. I'm determined to find the same bandana used in the show and get a picture of him in his prison cell with it on. Joking aside, I was also excited to see the dogs themselves, and check in on their training. 

Oddly enough, it's almost as if the dogs are living up to their namesakes. Jim was an absolute rockstar; he was calm, but loved working. He looked up to his handler and patiently waited for commands and was [eager to please]. We are super hopeful for Jim and really enjoyed seeing his progress. He knows his basic commands really well and is starting to learn some advanced commands, too. 

Dwight is absolutely gorgeous, but my goodness is he stubborn! He seems to know he can charm you into [letting him slide] when he refuses a command. It's easy to tell Dwight knows his obedience, and once he understands that you aren't letting him get away with it, he starts to comply rather quickly. He will need a witty and confident handler, but I have a lot of confidence in Dwight progressing! 

group photo of inmates sitting with service dogs being trained

Photo Credit: @littleangelsservicedogs (previous litter visiting correctional facility)

Michael is quite possibly the laziest dog I have ever met! The funny part is [he is] only [lazy] when working. When on a break, he's rambunctious, energetic, and a huge goofball. When [it’s time for work], he turns into a lazy, sleepy, mopey boy. Mike knows his commands extremely well and will perform all of them on demand - just not quickly! His best command while working is most certainly ‘stay’; once he hits the ground he doesn't get back up again! He's a good boy, we just have to find a way to get him a little more excited about his obedience. 

Angela is small and petite, [especially] so compared to her brothers. Just another example of her following her namesake! Angela loves human interaction, but is very nervous. She gets easily distracted by sudden noises, and she has a hard time recovering after the fact. She does enjoy her commands, but struggles to perform them when nervous. We are working on her confidence every day! 

At our check-in we got to set a bunch of fun new goals for the residents and pups! They are introducing several of their advanced tasks, including getting their leash, searching for their vest by scent, learning to alert to medical conditions, and doing deep pressure therapy. The guys are working very hard on these commands because they know if they master them, the next [for the puppies to learn] are opening and closing doors! The guys absolutely love our “Office” pups, and you can tell our office pups love them back. The prison has become their home and they couldn't be more comfortable. We are so grateful to the residents at Mountain View for taking such good care of our dogs!”