Michael Scott from The Office in puppy version

Meet the Characters of The Grandma Lucy’s Office featuring Little Angels Service Dogs.

Grandma Lucy’s recently announced their partnership with Little Angels Service Dogs. Little Angels is a 501C3 nonprofit organization that trains and places fully prepared service dogs with approved disabled recipients. Little Angels Service dogs assists individuals with disabilities such as autism, seizures, hearing Loss, limited mobility, psychiatric complexities, or veterans with PTSD lead a more independent life. Grandma Lucy’s will be providing food and treats for the dogs currently in Little Angels program to become service dogs.

Grandma Lucy’s had the honor to name a litter of 11 English crème golden retriever puppies that are on their way to becoming service dogs. Grandma Lucy’s hosted a puppy party where 11 mini desks were set up with an item corresponding to the character of The Office. A collar with the name of that person was placed on the desk with a treat inside. One by one the puppies ran to the desks and which ever treat they ate first, the corresponding collar and name tag became theirs! To watch all this fun please visit Grandma Lucy’s Facebook page.


Michael Scott from The Office with puppy at desk comparison

Michael Scott

“That’s what she said!” The catchphrase of Michael Scott, regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Michael must be the center of attention and often displays selfish behavior. As the boss of Dunder Mifflin he thinks of himself as very capable and ready to handle any problems that come his way. The highlight of Michael's day is hosting conference room meetings where nothing is accomplished but he is the center of attention and in the spotlight.

Puppy Michael is the largest of the litter, in fact as a newborn puppy he drank all the milk from his mom and the rest of his siblings had to be bottle fed! Talk about always being the center of attention, he is most defiantly a Michael Scott.

Dwight from The Office with puppy at desk comparison

Dwight Schrute

Dwight is the leading salesperson for Dunder Mifflin and is passionate about paper. He is the unofficial assistant to the regional manager at Dunder Mifflin and is always trying to impress his boss, Michael. Dwight is most remembered for his lack of common sense and social skills. His love for martial arts and competitiveness with Jim, his fellow salesman, are other memorable characteristics fans love about Dwight.

Puppy Dwight is the second largest puppy right behind Michael. He sat perfectly at his desk and is clearly a dedicated a hard worker. When the toys come out though he is very competitive and is still learning how to play nice with his siblings. 

Jim from The Office with puppy at desk comparison

Jim Halpert

Jim is one of the most popular characters from The Office. He is also a salesman at Dunder Mifflin and is loved for his laid-back attitude and charismatic personality. He spends little time actually working and instead spends majority of him time trying to win over Pam’s love. The rest of his time is spent playing tricks on Dwight to entertain both his coworkers and Pam. As his romantic relationship with Pam grows, he becomes more motivated to become a successful paper salesman.

Puppy Jim is always trying to wrestle and take the toys away from Puppy Dwight. Once the play time is over though Puppy Jim is right back to showing off for Puppy Pam. 

Pam from The Office with puppy at desk comparison

Pam Beasley 

Pam started off as the secretary at Dunder Mifflin and spends most her time trying to keep Michael focused on work and being productive. She becomes a saleswoman and eventually office administrator. She is shy at first but grows more assertive along the way. She shares a love interest with Jim after being unaware of his romantic interests in the beginning.

Puppy Pam maybe the sweetest of all her siblings. Once she warms up to people she just wants to be held and cuddle. Literally the perfect puppy, how could Jim not love her?!

Angela from The Office with puppy at desk comparison

Angela Martin

Angela is the lead accountant at Dunder Mifflin. She has a slightly crazy love for cats and tends to be a bit judgmental and standoffish towards others. Dwight works well with her no-nonsense approach to getting work done around The Office.

Puppy Angela likes to stay in the background and slowly make her way to the front. Is she shy or just judging everyone around her? We will never know! One thing we do know for sure is she loves her kitty stuffed animal and took off running with it immediately after this photo was taken. 

Kevin from The Office with puppy at desk comparison

Kevin Malone

Kevin is part of the accounting department with Angela and Oscar. He is not the strongest accountant on the team but is was given his job by Michael despite be under qualified for the position. Kevin is remembered for bringing a batch of “Kevin’s Famous Chili” to the office, only to drop the pot and spill chili all over the floor. While desperately trying to clean up his mess he destroys papers and notebooks in chili while just making the mess worse and spreading the food all over the carpet!

Puppy Kevin could not have been a better fit for his name. He knocked the entire chili pot of treats right off his desk and proceeded to eat all of them while also getting crumbs everywhere! 


Oscar from The Office with puppy at desk comparison

Oscar Gutierrez

Oscar is the other lead accountant with Angela in The Office. Oscar is levelheaded and very practical. He can successfully explain to Michael basic economics and accounting that Michael should already be aware of. Oscar and Angela frequently disagree about what is acceptable office behavior.

Puppy Oscar is very well mannered and behaved like a perfect gentleman. He gets along with his siblings and participated in all photographs like a champ. 

Meredith from The Office with puppy at desk comparison

Meredith Palmer 

Meredith is part of supplier relations as Dunder Mifflin but is rarely shown working, more often she is seen playing solitaire on her computer. She is remembered for her constant drinking and alcohol problem which can sometimes affect her job performance.

Puppy Meredith is the most energetic puppy of the whole litter. She was running around like a crazy person, maybe there was actually vodka in her cup...

Creed from The Office with puppy at desk comparison

Creed Bratton

Creed is very quiet and not much is known about what he actually does at Dunder Mifflin. His title is the quality assurance director but is usually seen at his computer playing spider solitaire. He commonly makes strange and confusing statements to his coworkers. Creed is a former hippie now homeless man that remains a mystery to many.

Puppy Creed is a crowd favorite! He is calm, gentle, and always ready for a cuddle. He is also the runt of the litter so he has and will always have special treatment no matter what he does. 

Stanley from The Office with puppy at desk comparison

Stanley Hudson

Stanley is another salesman at Dunder Mifflin and a rather good one. Although he hates being forced to spend time in an office where he typically is not productive. Stanley tolerates Michael's long and typically pointless conference room meetings by spending his time completing crossword puzzles.

Puppy Stanley is one of a kind. He was ready to participate in all activities and photos but the second we were not being productive he was asleep! Just like Stanley would do his crosswords, if he got bored, Puppy Stanley just sleeps through everything. 

Kelly from The Office with puppy at desk comparison

Kelly Kapoor

Kelly Kapoor oversees customer relations at Dunder Mifflin. Unlike her fellow colleagues, she is very competent at her job but is overly talkative and enjoys gossiping. She is usually seen gossiping about celebrities and is known for being slightly obsessed with getting married, particularly to her on again off again boyfriend Ryan.

Puppy Kelly is an adorable and beautiful puppy. She is so sweet and loves everyone. Any guy would be lucky to have her and Ryan needs to step up and put a ring on it!

 We will be keeping up with our puppy group so be sure to follow us on social media for occasional updates! Thanks for all the love and support for these amazing soon-to-be service dogs :)