Independent Pet Retailer Month

Independent Pet Retailer Month

July is independent pet retailer month, and the Grandma Lucy’s team is thrilled to be back out visiting retailers, and connecting with the wonderful people who support us.

Our Key Accounts Manager, Dom Gonzales, and Customer Service Rep, Danielle, took a trip to Wild’s Animal Supplies to speak with owners, Chris and Kelley Wild. Wild’s Animal Supplies is located in beautiful Dana Point, California and passionately provides nutrition advice and a wide array of natural products. Wild’s Animal Supplies has been a supporter of Grandma Lucy’s from the very beginning in 1999.

Wild's Animal Supplies storefront

Photo Credit: Wild's Animal Supplies

Q: How many years has Wild’s Animal Supplies been in business?

A: Wild’s Animal Supplies […] has been in business over 31 years; since April 1990.

Q: Wild’s Animal Supplies was one of Grandma Lucy’s first retailers. When did you first become a Grandma Lucy’s retailer and how did you first decide to bring Grandma Lucy’s into your store?

A: It’s been a while, […] but we believe we became a Grandma Lucy’s retailer in April 1999. We were officially the second Grandma Lucy’s retail store […] which makes us the longest tenured […] Grandma Lucy’s retailer to date.  

Q: How has the average pet parent changed from when you first opened, and what has changed in what pet parents are looking for?

A: Over the years because of the internet and the evolution of the pet world in general, pet parents have become more educated in their research [and] have higher expectations for quality goods. [T]hey demand products be Human Grade/Organic/Non-GMO and that they are USA made and […] sourced where possible. Recently pet parents are also wanting to support pet companies that are using […] [sustainable] products, recycled materials, and [who are] embracing environmentally friendly manufacturing which will lower their carbon footprint from seed to sale. 

Q: What is your favorite part of being in the pet industry?

A: Our favorite thing about the pet industry is helping a pet parent take better care of their pet […]. We truly enjoy seeing our customers’ faces light up when they discover something new for their pets that is a healthier lifestyle choice, and [will hopefully] give their loving pets a healthier and happier life in the future. Witnessing that epiphany firsthand is what gives us goosebumps and the energy and drive to keep going every day. 

Dom (sales rep) and owner Chris stand in front of Grandma Lucy's treats

Q: In the history of Grandma Lucy’s, what have been your favorite products?

A: Organic [Oven Baked treats]; we give them to our human kids when they need a snack [and] they love them! [Another favorite were the] original freeze-dried meatball treats.

Q: What Grandma Lucy’s product is a favorite with your customers?

A: Organic [Oven Baked treats] are our customers favorites by a landslide!

Thank you, Chris and Kelley, for being a part of this interview, and for your longstanding support of Grandma Lucy’s over the years!

Be sure to keep up with us to see what store we highlight next! If you would like your store to be featured, please let your local Grandma Lucy’s Rep know on their next visit.