Tips to Keep Your Pup Cool This Summer

Tips to Keep Your Pup Cool This Summer

Summer has officially arrived, and so has the heat! A tired dog is a happy dog, but it can be tough to keep your dog engaged, while also avoiding high temperatures which can be unsafe.  Help keep your dog happy and cool with these tips and ideas.

Avoid walking during the middle of the day

Avoid walking your pet during the hottest part of the day which tends to be after noon. Instead, opt to walk in the morning or evening when temperatures are milder. Not only will this help protect your pup from heat stroke, but it is also the best way to help prevent their paws from being burned from hot pavement and sidewalks. Not sure if the sidewalk is too hot? The easiest way to check is to press the back of your hand on the pavement for a few seconds. If it is too hot for your hand, it is too hot to walk!

cocker spaniel on walk in front of fountain

Indoor enrichment

Bring the fun inside with indoor enrichment and games for your best friend. Puzzle toys and snuffle mats are great ways to mentally engage your dog, allowing them to use their nose and problem-solving skills to work for food or treats. Another fun way to provide mental stimulation for your pup is to fill a Kong-type toy with your favorite Grandma Lucy’s food to keep them busy, and you can also freeze this for a tougher challenge. Pupsicles are a fun way to beat the heat, and the flavor possibilities are endless! Try freezing bone broth or goat milk along with fruit, pumpkin pouches for extra nutrients & health benefits, or our Organic Oven Baked cookies for an extra tasty treat.

dog licking ice cream cone

Gear up!

Getting the right gear can make a world of difference and help you and your dog do more together. Cooling vests are a great way to help regulate your dog’s temperature, whether you are tearing up the trails or cruising through the neighborhood. Paw protection is key for summer, and boots are a perfect barrier to keep hot pavement from damaging your dog’s paw pads. Another must-have for every season is paw balm. Not only can this help protect paws from the elements, but it can also help moisturize and heal cracked or burned paws so that you can get back to adventuring together sooner!

Hit the water

Water sports are for dogs too! Taking a dip is a great way to stay active and cool with your dog, and there are a variety of activities to participate in together, or for your dog to do on their own. Kayaking and paddle boarding are fun ways for you and your pup to stay moving, and many kayak and paddleboard rentals are dog friendly too. If you prefer to be more on the sidelines, but have a water loving pooch, dock diving might be a great sport to introduce! Dock diving is a dog sport in which dogs compete by jumping for height or distance from the dock and into the water. However you choose to get your paws wet, be sure your dog is outfitted with a secure life vest, especially if it is their first introduction to swimming.

husky swimming in pool

Whether you hit the surf with your dog, or do some couch surfing, try out these tips and ideas to enjoy more of your summer together. Heat safety is key for people and pups, so keep these guidelines in mind before you head out on your next adventure.


Danielle Contreras