Retailer Feature: Bark Street Petopia

Retailer Feature: Bark Street Petopia

Grandma Lucy’s visited Bark Street Petopia in Marietta, Georgia and chatted with owner, Bob Pressley. Bark Street Petopia opened its doors in 2016 and is located on the historic Marietta Square. The team at Bark Street Petopia has a wealth of knowledge and can lend a paw on any nutritional topic customers may need help with. Offering a wide array of premium pet foods and products, they have something for everyone, whether your pet has special needs or is in need of some spoiling.

Q: What initially interested you in opening a pet supply store?

A: “The seed was planted in 2003 when I began researching foods for our senior dog.  I quickly realized there was much more to dog food than just the images and marketing on the front of the bag.  After months of research and making changes to our dog’s diet, I knew that I would someday have a store where quality nutrition would be the focus.”

store owner Bob standing with grandma lucy's rep holding bags of grandma lucy's

Q: What changes have you seen in pet parents since you first opened? 

A: “Pet parents have become more willing to consider alternatives to kibble and cans.  Pet parents now want more information about nutrition and are willing to research the benefits of ingredients.”

Q: What made you choose to carry Grandma Lucy’s

A: “We wanted a high-quality option for pet parents to use as a topper and, or, their [pet’s complete] meals.  It's also a great item for our pet parents that love to travel with their pets.”

Q: What Grandma Lucy’s treat is your favorite to hand out to dogs that visit? 

A: “Mahi [Singles]!  Dogs love it and we love [that] it looks just like sushi.”

grandma lucy's food on shelf and mahi treats hanging next to bags

Q: What is your favorite part of being in the pet industry? 

A: “Sharing beneficial information with pet parents.  It's overwhelming to find information to help guide pet parents towards the best options for their pets.  Pet parents are so appreciative when you take the time to provide them with knowledge and resources.”

Q: “What current consumer trends are you seeing in the pet industry?”

A: “[Better] quality ingredients in both food and treats; [it’s] by far the biggest topic, on a daily basis.”

Visit the team at Bark Street Petopia for all of your pet’s needs and for expertise to help them put their best paw forward! Thank you to Bob and his team for being part of the Grandma Lucy’s family, and all you do to help educate pet parents. We are so grateful for our independent retailers who are the heart and soul of the pet community.