Retailer Feature: Bentley's Pet Stuff

Retailer Feature: Bentley's Pet Stuff

Grandma Lucy’s ventured to Colorado to visit Bentley’s Pet Stuff at their location in Parker. Bentley’s has proudly been part of the Parker community for over five years, and takes great joy not only in helping educate pet parents, but also in giving back to local pets in need. Store manager of Bentley’s Parker location, Bliss Bishop, graciously took the time to chat with Grandma Lucy’s Mountain Territory Sales Representative, Cooper, about what makes independent retailers special and the passion her team as for helping pets live their healthiest lives.

front of store of Bentley's

Q: What was it about the pet industry that first interested you?

A: “I actually started in doggy daycare. So, my first interest was getting to work with dogs all day, of course, and bringing my dogs. Then when I left that [job] I still wanted to be able to bring my dogs to work, but in a different capacity. So that’s when I found Bentley’s, and I’ve never looked back!”

Q: What is your favorite part about working in the pet industry?

A: “I would say the success stories. So, when [customers] come in with dogs that have issues and we’re able to help them. They come back crazy glad and… it’s really rewarding to be able to do that for people’s pets.”

Q: What do you think makes independent pet retailers so special?

A: “I’d say the staff. As a general rule, we have a lot more training and knowledge than your average big box [pet store] employee, and [customers] comment on that too. I think we have more time too, to [research and learn about nutrition].”

Q: Do you ever work with rescues or shelters, or give back to the local community?

A: “Definitely! In fact, with the fires that happened in Boulder, we did a [supply] drive and got a ton of stuff [which] we sent [to help those affected]. That was awesome and people were really happy to see us [helping]. We also work with an organization called Pet Pantry; they act as a resource for almost all the rescues [in the area] and people struggling to [afford] pet food. They’re a pet food bank and they pick up [food] from us almost every single week. When we’re able to do adoption events we can, but a lot of that has slowed down due to COVID. We also have a program called ‘round up to rescue’ where [customers can] round up their change on their [transaction to help rescue pets].”

Q: From when you started in the pet industry, what have you seen change most in what pet parents are looking for?

A: “The fresh food [area] of the industry has made leaps and bounds, which is amazing. People are [really] trying to [help] their animals [be] healthier.”

manager, bliss, kneeling with grandma lucy's treats and her two border collies

Q: What is your favorite Grandma Lucy’s product?

A: “I’d have to say Artisan, that’s what my dogs eat…and they do really well on it. A lot of our customers’ dogs do [great] on it too. [I feed] the Macanna occasionally as well and [my dogs] really like [the recipe].”

Q: Which Grandma Lucy’s product is the most popular with your customers?

A: “Definitely the Artisan Chicken [recipe] or Pork, because a lot of [our staff use] the Pork so we definitely recommend it. [Artisan] has been a big one and, of course, the [Organic Oven-Baked Treats]!”

Q: Do you have a favorite flavor of Grandma Lucy’s Organic Oven-Baked Treats?

A: “I like the Gingerbread!”

Thank you, Bliss and the Bentley’s team, for being part of the Grandma Lucy’s family and all that you do to support pet parents! Next time you find yourself in the Parker area, be sure to visit Bentley’s Pet Stuff for all your pet’s wants and needs. The crew at Bentley’s is always ready to help, and pride themselves on their nutrition and product knowledge. No matter what brings you in, the Bentley’s staff will be waiting with a friendly face and treat for your pup.