Independent Pet Retailer Highlight: Garden State Pet Center, Audubon, NJ

Independent Pet Retailer Highlight: Garden State Pet Center, Audubon, NJ


Hi! I'm Melissa your Mid-Atlantic Territory Sales Rep For Grandma Lucy's interviewing Victor and the team at Garden State Pet Center in Audubon, New Jersey. 

What started your journey into the pet industry?

  • My life long love for animals and the importance of providing high quality nutrition. 

What inspired you to open an independent pet retailer store?

  • Understanding our pets' daily diet and care is very important to their overall health and wellness. At Garden State Pet Center, our pet care & nutrition advice in Audubon aims to empower animal owners to provide their animals with a high-quality diet and top-notch supplies over the course of each stage of life.

Do you have furry family members at home?

  • Yes, my k9 pack consists of Echo, Atlas, Shark Bait, Yeti, Envy, Versace, Prada and Gum Drop are all French bulldogs. I also have Kash, a Boxer, Sadie, a German Shepherd, Pirate (Pomsky), Stella (Shetland Sheepdog), Bentley (King Charles Cavalier). My feline pride consists of Jammies(Munchkin Cat), Casper (Scottish Fold), Jynx (Munchkin Cat), Finley (Scottish Fold), Zuberi( High Percentage F1 Savannah cat) My feathered flock consists of Scooby (African Grey Parrot), Shaemus (Macaw) , Korra (Macaw)

What is your favorite Grandma Lucy's Product to show to pet parents? Why?

  • I love the singles treats ( I recommend them to all of my customers that have dogs, cats, and ferrets). They are a huge hit at my store 

What is your favorite part about working in an independent pet retailer?

  • Our specialty is promoting companionship between people and animals by providing the healthiest product choices available, including all-natural foods, supplements that support and relieve health issues, and innovative products for pet parents. Being able to see the results and relief I am able to provide to pet parents makes everyday a blessed one.