Independent Pet Retailer Highlight: Living the Dog Life, La Habra, CA

Independent Pet Retailer Highlight: Living the Dog Life, La Habra, CA

Hi, I'm Vanessa your Western Territory Sales Rep For Grandma Lucy's interviewing Christopher, the owner of Living The Dog Life in La Habra, CA

What started your journey into the pet industry?

There are many enticing reasons to get involved. This booming sector has a huge audience of potential customers, many of whom place a high priority on their pet’s well-being. It also offers the possibility of financial success, and the satisfaction that comes from pursuing a personal passion.

What inspired you to open an independent pet retailer store?

The pet industry allows animal lovers the chance to work in a field they feel good about: providing positive experiences to all kinds of pets and their parents. Spending your days doing something you have a passion for makes the entire work experience more rewarding, increasing personal gratification and boosting overall happiness.

Do you have a furry family members at home?

I do, I have 3 Havanese dogs. Havanese are highly intelligent and eager to please, and they are easily trained.

What is your favorite Grandma Lucy's Product to show to pet parents? Why?

I like to recommend one of our best sellers at our store: the Artisan pork recipe. This recipe has helped several pet parents with their pets’ digestive issues and good stools.

What is your favorite part about working in an independent pet retailer?

Independent retailers have incredible customer service. As a local pet shop in La Habra, we love to help the people and dogs in our community and surrounding areas. We want to help you care for your pet like it’s our own, and we do all we can to offer the best possible products we have in our store.

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