Flatlay of items needed for ornament DIY on blue background

DIY Pet Photo Ornaments

What we used:

Step 1:

We started by printing photos that some of our Lucy’s Crew members had emailed over. We chose to print the photos in black and white for a classic look to our ornaments. Then we used a 2 ½ inch circle cutter to cut each photo out. This size circle leaves just enough of a border because the ornament is 3 inches in diameter.

Next either spray or paint the wood ornaments with gold paint. We used spray paint and lightly sprayed each side of the ornament. We did this outside to lessen the smell from the spray paint. 

Blank ornament spray painted gold on grey background

After the paint is dry, tie a short piece of string onto each ornament. Make sure to leave enough room to hang your ornament on the tree.

The next step is to glue the circle photos on to the ornaments. We painted a light layer of Mod Podge across one side of the wood ornament and then laid the photo down leaving a small border of gold around the photo. We then painted another coat of Mod Podge across the entire ornament.

Ornament with picture and string on grey background

Lastly on the back of the ornament we wrote each name in paint markers. Let them dry and now you have one of a kind ornaments!

Merry Christmas from Grandma Lucy's!

Christmas Tree in kitchen with DIY ornaments