How to Throw a Dog Birthday Party!

How to Throw a Dog Birthday Party!

Have a special pup in your life with a birthday coming up? Planning the perfect pooch party is nothing to sweat about with the right tips. While the idea of getting together with all your friends and letting loose sounds like the right way to ring in a new year for people, this can be overwhelming for some dogs. Before you start making your dog’s invite list, keep in mind your dog’s own comfort levels. If you have a pup who is shy or easily over-stimulated, be sure to invite a manageable number of pups and their parents so that your own dog can have fun without feeling anxious or overcrowded. While it may seem like common sense to not invite dogs with aggression or behavioral issues, it is also important to keep in mind the play styles and compatibility of your doggy guests. If your dog prefers a gentler play style or to run around, he or she may prefer a pup who plays similarly and can match their own energy level appropriately.

dogs playing together in backyard

Once your guests have arrived and it is time to party, make sure you have all the supplies to keep them comfortable and entertained. Have plenty of fresh water available for your furry and human guests, and think of having some mocktail options for your dog guests to really let loose! Games and other activities can help keep attending pups tails wagging and help burn off extra energy. Easy game ideas your dog’s friends will love are bobbing for tennis balls or a scavenger hunt. Put together an easy scavenger treat by hiding treats on their own or in a plastic or mesh container. Freeze-dried treats like Grandma Lucy’s Chicken or Pollock Singles have an extra alluring smell for dogs and can help keep them excited as they follow their nose.

jack russell wearing party hat with cupcake

No birthday party is complete without dessert! Two options are a large cake or dessert for all the dogs, or fun-size treats so each pooch can have their own handy snack. Pupcakes are a classic choice with lots of drool-worthy flavor options. If you feel like mixing it up, try whipping up some yummy, personal puppy cheesecakes. Whichever route you take, travel containers are great in case any guests want to take dessert to go for another pup at home, or if their dog is shy and would rather take their treat to go. Don’t forget party favors to thank your guests for making your dog’s special day! Great things to include in a goodie bag are food samples, poop bags, and treats for your pup’s friends to enjoy.