Let's Make A BARK-cuterie Board!

Let's Make A BARK-cuterie Board!


Hi! Welcome to Lucy's Kitchen! 🐶

This December, we are featuring our holiday BARK-cuterie board a.k.a. a charcuterie board designed for your pup. This board is a special holiday treat for your furry friend to indulge a little at a time. We know...quantity control over the holidays is HARD! 

This recipe is meant to be fun and playful so, be sure to include your pet's favorite snacks and nibbles to sprinkle over your holiday BARK-cuterie board. We've helped you out a bit and added a few suggestions!

Once you've created your holiday masterpiece for your pup, be sure to tag @grandmalucys to be featured on our social media accounts.

  Ingredients Include:

*feel free to customize your BARK-cuterie board with your dog's favorite snacks and treats. 

HAPPY PAWlidays!!