Teddy's Road Trip Begins

Teddy's Road Trip Begins

This week Grandma Lucy’s launched our ‘Where Is Teddy?’ campaign to follow the adventures of Teddy, our Organic Oven Baked treat mascot. We cannot wait to see where his travels take him and what fun places he explores with our customers and their pets! Before setting out on his journey, Teddy made a quick stop at his first destination at Pet Supply in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA for some much-needed supplies.

Our Key Accounts Manager, Dom, and new marketing team members, Lauren and Anna, caught up with Teddy at Pet Supply, and had a great conversation with their team. Pet Supply is our closest retailer to Grandma Lucy’s and is just a few minutes down the road from our office- the perfect place for Teddy to set out from on his big adventure!

Key account manager, Dom, stands in front of Grandma Lucy's products

The Pet Supply family has five wonderful locations throughout Southern California, but the Rancho Santa Margarita store is extra special, representing Grandma Lucy’s hometown and being in our own backyard. Pet Supply has a huge selection of natural supplies and high-quality foods for all your furry friends, from small animals to horses! We sat down with store manager, Karen, to chat about her years in the pet industry, and what makes independent pet so special.  

Q: How long have you worked in the independent pet industry?

A: “I have been in the business for seven years. I love it because I’m still here and haven’t moved!”

Q: What motivated you to work in independent pet?

A: “After I rescued two puppies, one of them had a bad experience with the leash being tied [around] his mouth which resulted [in] him suffering from an eating disorder.”

Q: How did you first get involved in the industry?

A: “After about four or five months, the puppy went on a hunger strike from the food he was eating. One day I walked into a [pet] store crying and [spoke to a rep that] was there. I went to raw, and never went back. For me, the health of the dogs [is] everything.”

Q: What is your favorite flavor of our Organic Oven Baked treats?

A: “Blueberry! The most popular [flavor] in the store has been pumpkin.”

Q: What Grandma Lucy’s product is your favorite? Your customers’ favorite?

A: “[My favorite line] is the Moxie. A customer favorite is a tie between pork and chicken Artisan.”

Marketing team stands outside of Pet Supply entrance

Thank you, Karen, for taking the time to share your experience in the pet industry, and thank you to Pet Supply for supporting Grandma Lucy’s over the years! The Pet Supply team is always happy to be of service and are on a mission to help pets live their best lives. Be sure to visit the next time you are in the area and snag some goodies for your four-legged best friends. Remember to keep up with us on social media to see where Teddy goes to next, and to share your own pictures of travels with Teddy!


Danielle Contreras